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IT Managed Services Provider Resource Recommendation Update on August 22, 2020

What does BOPIS mean?
BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store) is a business model that allows consumers to shop and place orders online and then pick up their purchases in the brick-and-mortar store, often within the same day. BOPIS, sometimes referred to as ‘click-and-collect,’ is a part of the larger multichannel shopping trend that has been emerging, which allows customers to merge online, in-store and mobile channels to make purchases.

BOPIS allows consumers to combine the ease and convenience of online shopping with the speed, security and added convenience of picking up their order in-store. It also allows retailers to reshape their customer experience and adapt it to the current digital and mobile era, thus attracting shoppers to their physical stores and opening up the opportunity to make additional sales, strengthen customer engagement and increase brand loyalty. This is especially important as online retailers gain greater dominance within their markets, taking customers and sales away from brick-and-mortar operations.

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