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Iranian SiameseKitten Lyceum APT group

Updated on 2022-11-29

Chinese security firm QiAnXin has published a report on the Lyceum APT, reviewing recent spear-phishing and malware delivery TTPs, most of which have used military-themed lures for distribution. Read more: 瞄准能源企业:Lyceum组织以军事热点事件为诱饵针对中东地区的定向攻击


ClearSky said it discovered new malware associated with the Iranian SiameseKitten (Lyceum) group. The malware is dropped by a PDF file claiming to contain info about drone strikes conducted in Iran. It installs a reverse shell, and ClearSky says the malware is signed using a fake Microsoft certificate that is also used by a variety of other Iranian groups, such as Phosphorus. Read more: Lyceum suicide drone

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