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Iranian hacktivist group – Black Reward Moses Staff

Updated on 2022-11-28

Iranian hacker gang, Moses Staff, leaked the footage of the Jerusalem bombing attack on its Telegram channel. It claimed to have hacked the surveillance cameras belonging to an Israeli security company. Read more: Moses Staff Hackers Publish Footage of Jerusalem Explosion

Iranian hacker gang, Moses Staff, leaked the footage of the Jerusalem bombing attack on its Telegram channel.

Updated on 2022-11-27

The Black Reward hacker group attacked the Iranian Fars News Agency and claimed to have erased 250TB of data from its servers and computers. Read more: Iran’s Fars News Agency website hacked as part of anti-govt protests

Updated on 2022-11-28: Fars news agency hack

Iranian hacktivist group Black Reward said it hacked and wiped the servers of Fars News, an Iranian news agency managed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The agency’s website was also defaced with a message of support for anti-government protesters. Fars News and Iranian government officials confirmed the hack and blamed the incident on Israel and other foreign countries. On the other side of this constant Iran-Israel “hacktivism” duel, Israel also confirmed last week that an Iranian hacking group known as Moses’ Staff breached an Israeli security company and stole and released footage of last week’s twin bombings at Jerusalem bus stops. Read more:

Fars news agency hack

Updated on 2022-11-09: Black Reward leak

Cluster25 has an analysis of a Black Reward leak of files from the Iranian nuclear agency, and more particularly of sensitive documents showing the close collaboration between Iranian and Russian scientists. Read more: Sanctioned deals: the Irano-Russian connection under Ankara’s supervision. Analysis of the NPPD leak

Updated on 2022-10-25

An Iranian hacktivist group, Black Reward, claimed to have hacked an email server associated with Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization and exfiltrated over 100,000 messages from 324 inboxes. Read more: Hacktivists say they stole 100,000 emails from Iran’s nuclear energy agency

Overview: Iran nuclear agency hack

A hacktivist group calling itself Black Reward took credit for hacking Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization and released more than 50GB of data containing emails, contracts, and construction plans related to Iran’s Russian-backed nuclear power plant in Bushehr. The group also requested the release of recent political prisoners detained in the Mahsa Amini anti-government protests over the past month. The Iranian government confirmed the incident on Sunday. Read more: Iran releases footage from prison fire, adding to mystery

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