iPhotoDraw Freeware use to add annotation to pictures

iPhotoDraw (Version: 1.6 Build 4837) is freeware image editor mainly use to add objects to images. Open an image and the ruler is on by default, optionally add grids and guidelines from the View menu to be able to place objects more accurately.

Beside adding text iPhotoDraw features all kinds of shapes such as arrows, dimension lines, straight lines, arcs, curves, circles, rectangles, callouts and virtually any type of polygon. Polygons can be simple like triangle or not like an ‘explosion’ or 32 point star. Using the Polygon tool one can create any random shape by clicking (end of) line points and double clicking to finish. There is also pixelation and blur tools that can be rectangular, oval or polygon shaped.

Objects or annotations added are flattened into one image when it is exported. Simple saving file doesn’t destroy original source fule. Unlimited undo is available to make it even easier to play with an image. iPhotoDraw requires .Net Framework 3.0 and runs on XP and newer.

Platform : Windows XP (sp3), Windows Vista, Windows 7
Software requirement : .Net Framework 3.0 or later
Released on Mar 30, 2013
Build : #4836
Size : 8.4MB
Publisher: http://www.iphotodraw.com/
Download URL: http://www.iphotodraw.com/download/iPhotoDrawSetup.msi