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Internet of Things News Headline Updated on 09 July 2020 – AWS in space, Nesten-Semtech platform, BICS-Avnet partner, Telit module, Arm focus, Quantum leaps, and more

The headline on 09 July 2020

Capella uses AWS to analyse data from space. Capella Space, a provider of on-demand Earth observation data via satellite-based radar, is running its entire IT infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to automate and scale its operations, including satellite command and control. Source: AWS > Capella uses space to bring you closer to Earth

Nesten and Semtech partner on LoRa node platform. California companies Semtech and Nesten, a developer of blockchain and IoT technology for communications networks, are collaborating to support the rollout of a LoRa-based node platform. Source: Semtech and Nesten Deploy LoRa®-based Wireless Infrastructure Nationwide

BICS and Avnet accelerate IoT deployment. Belgian communications enabler BICS has joined forces with technology provider Avnet Silica to deliver IoT connectivity to OEMs, devices and applications. Source: IoT Now > BICS and Avnet Silica combine huge cellular connectivity with hardware expertise

Telit module integrates wifi and Bluetooth LE. Telit has announced the WE310F5, an integrated, single-band wifi and Bluetooth Low Energy 5 module that provides high-speed wireless connectivity to an embedded microcontroller over uart, SPI and SDIO interfaces. Source: > Telit introduces WE310F5 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE5) module

Arm pulls out of IoT services to focus on core IP. UK chip designer Arm is transferring its two IoT service group (ISG) businesses to Japanese parent company SoftBank so it can focus on its core semiconductor IP technology. Source: CRN > Arm Seeks To Offload IoT Units To SoftBank

Quantum leaps into IoT platform for hobbyists. California-based Quantum Integration has launched an IoT platform for electronic hobbyists. Makers can create custom apps and firmware without coding through a graphic interface and control any wireless device through a central server. Source: Quantum Integration Launches the First IoT Platform Designed Specifically for Electronic Hobbyists

Ordr improves system control engine software. Ordr, a California-based specialist in security for enterprise IoT and unmanaged devices, has added capabilities to its SCE systems control engine software. Source: Ordr Redefines IoMT and Enterprise IoT Security with Broader, Deeper Classification and Insights

Renesas embedded controller suits compact IoT devices. Japanese electronics company Renesas has introduced an embedded controller for use in compact IoT devices for sensor control in applications such as smart homes, smart buildings, environmental sensing, structure monitoring, trackers and wearable devices. Source: Renesas RX Wireless Solution for Today’s IOT Society

Delta modular data centres speed 5G and IoT deployment. Taiwanese firm Delta has introduced an all-in-one modular data centre offering for 5G and IoT edge computing. The SmartNode infrastructure provides flexible power and cooling designs. Source: Delta Introduces SmartNode All-in-one Modularized Data Centre Solution for 5G and IoT Edge Computing in EMEA

The headline on 02 July 2020

Eurotech software framework qualified to AWS IoT Core. Eurotech has announced the software qualification of its Everyware Software Framework (ESF) with AWS IoT Core. Source: MC.AI > Eurotech announces software qualification of Everyware Software Framework with AWS IoT Core

HPE helps enterprises digitally transform from edge to cloud. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has introduced Ezmeral, a brand and software portfolio to help enterprises accelerate digital transformation across their organization, from edge to cloud. Source: Express Computer > HPE unveils HPE Ezmeral, new software portfolio and brand

Digi router supports remote monitoring. Digi has introduced a router to provide adaptable, right-sized connectivity. The IX20 is for industrial infrastructure, location monitoring, and unattended retail applications that require manageability, flexibility, reliability, and security. Source: Digi International Introduces Versatile Digi IX20 Router for Industrial, Remote Location Monitoring and for Unattended Retail and Digital Signage Applications

Digi router supports remote monitoring.

Digi router supports remote monitoring.

Qualcomm integrates DT NuSim on the chipset. Deutsche Telekom, Qualcomm Technologies, module maker Quectel, and Redtea Mobile are introducing an implementation of NuSim, an integrated SIM for IoT applications. Source: Deutsche Telekom’s nuSIM now integrated on first Qualcomm Technologies chipset

Qualcomm integrates DT NuSim on chipset.

Qualcomm integrates DT NuSim on the chipset.

Intel and NSF fund ML wireless research. Intel and the National Science Foundation (NSF) have announced award recipients of joint funding for research into the development of machine learning in future wireless systems. Source: AiThority > Intel And National Science Foundation Invest In Wireless-Specific Machine Learning Edge Research

Laird modem combines Bluetooth 5, LTE-M, and NB-IoT. Ohio-based Laird Connectivity has launched the Pinnacle 100 series of cellular modems and development kits that combine Bluetooth 5, LTE-M, and NB-IoT in a small form factor device. Source: The RTOS for the Future of the IoT: Laird Connectivity and The Zephyr Project

Laird modem combines Bluetooth 5, LTE-M and NB-IoT.

Laird modem combines Bluetooth 5, LTE-M, and NB-IoT.

Etsi standard secures consumer IoT devices. Etsi has published a standard for IoT cybersecurity that establishes a security baseline for internet-connected consumer products and provides a basis for future IoT certification schemes. Source: ETSI releases world-leading Consumer IoT Security standard

Etsi standard secures consumer IoT devices.

Etsi standard secures consumer IoT devices.

TCG software stack boosts IoT security. Security for millions of devices worldwide has been enhanced as the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) releases its latest specification for the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 technology: the Feature Application Programming Interface (Fapi) standard. Source: IoT Architects Guide: Published on page 28 of the IoT 2020 Design Guide

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