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INTERPOL Americas Working Group on Cybercrime Meeting

The 7th INTERPOL Americas Working Group on Cybercrime met last week in Buenos Aires, Argentina to examine threats and cyber trends in the region. The meeting was attended by representatives from 32 countries, several international organizations, and more than a dozen public and private entities. The group’s Global Cybercrime Strategy 2022-2025 will be published later this year


  • A big win here is that operational data relating to live cases was shared between countries. Working to achieve regional collaboration, across borders, will make the response easier. Additionally, INTERPOL is providing training courses on policing capabilities, digital forensics, OSINT, cryptocurrencies, and using the dark web to aid investigation. Empowering smaller nations with these tools will help reduce the success of future attacks such as occurred in Costa Rico in April of this year. One hopes to see similar events around the globe.


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