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Make Intelligent Decisions With Big Data

No doubt the amount of data your company collects is growing. But what’s the point of amassing all that information if you can’t use it to drive your business forward? Smart businesses are giving people throughout their organizations access to deeper intelligence by marrying their big data and business intelligence efforts into a big data solution. The result is better decisions based on meaningful insights company wide. What’s your strategy for big data analytics?

Is your company’s data growing?
The world’s digital data will reach 2.7 zettabytes by end of 2012. Traditional content types including simple unstructured data are seeing growth rates of up to 80% year over year.

What challenges will your company face as a result of your growing data?
– 25% deciding what data is relevant
– 13 % cost of technology infrastructure
– 11% lack of IT skills to manage big data projects
– 10% lack of skills to analyze the data
– 9% lack of business support
– 9% deciding what technology is best

Will your business struggle with large amounts of data?
– Only 30% of IT professionals consider big data a problem.
– The vast majority 70% consider it to be an opportunity.

How can you turn big data from being a problem into being an opportunity?
– 53% of companies notice a big gap between the availability of big data and their ability to analyze and gain insights from it.
– 54% of companies foresee a need for a high-performance analytics strategy to be implemented throughout their organizations.

Ever hear of big data analytics?
– 90% of the IT professionals surveyed said they were familiar with big data analytics.
– 34% said they already applied analytics to big data

Are the decision makers in your company using analytics today?
Evidence indicated that less than 30% of information workers use enterprise BI solutions; this number is often even as low as 10%.

When will analytics reach mainstream adoption within your company?
– By 2014, technology trends that focus on usability, speed and relevance will drive analytics to 50% of potential users.
– By 2020, Clous, social, mobile and information will drive analytics toward 75% of users as the technologies reach mainstream adoption.

How will big data analytics changes your business?
A survey of c-suite executives found that the top advantages of using big data included:
– 59% more efficient business operations
– 54% boosting sales
– 50% lowering IT costs
– 48% becoming more agile
– 46% attracting and retaining customers.
– Because of these advantages and more 70% of executives expect a return on their big data investments within one year.

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