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Increase Traffic to your Website – Proven Strategies that work

The goal of all successful sites should be to drastically increase traffic for a long, reliable, and sustainable period of time. To achieve this you must dedicate all of your time, effort, and resources towards building a quality and recognizable Brand. Having a memorable website name and logo plays an essential role in long-term Brand recognition.

Social Buttons
Several large websites reported drastic traffic increases to their websites after adding Social Buttons to their content.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines
Understanding and abiding by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines is essential if you wish to increase your site’s search traffic. We asked 50 random Webmasters if they have read these guidelines, here are the results of our study:
– 28%: Honestly, I have never heard of them
– 26%: Yes, I have read all of the guidelines
– 16%: I have heard of them but never read
– 30%: I have read a portion of the guidelines

Essential On-Page Strategies
Regularly public content
– Make sure you have a blog
– Content should be related yo your niche (expertise)
– Content should be original
– Content should be well-written
– Content should be informative
– Content should add value to the Internet

Optimize website for search engines
– Direct follow Google Webmaster Guidelines
– Use Accurate / Descriptive titles for your page / Articles
– Only Add Tags to posts that clearly describe the content
– Have a clean permalink structure
– Improve website speed / Performance

Incorporate Social Tools
– Utilize plugins and tools that allow visitors to easily / effortlessly share your content or site on popular social networking sites (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn)
– Embed Rich Snippets that improve Search Results Appearance. (Authorship, Reviews, Music, Events, Etc.)

Start a Newsletter / Mailing List
– Include Links and Captions from your best content.
– Email Newsletter monthly or quarterly.
– Use Catchy subject titles for E-Mails.

Best Free Off-Page Strategies
Utilize social media
– Create and maintain a strong presence on social networking sites (examples: Faacebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn)
– Grow your fan base on these networks (Host contests, invite friends, interest with others, etc.)
– Regularly share content from your website on all the networks and ask for feedback.
– Regularly release popular “Shareable” content (inforgraphics, Videos. Search, Case-Studies)

Gain strong links from external sites
– The best links come naturally from those who enjoy/share your content.
– Gain links from authority Sites in your Niche.

Guest blog writing
– Some popular sites allow for guest writerws.

Participate in online forums / communities
– Include your site’s link in your footer / profile
– Share valuable content from your site
– Aid others looking for help pertaining to your expertis

Utilize free press release services

Creating and sharing quality videos to Youtube
– Create interesting and informative pertaining to your niche
– In the video and video description reference your website
– Videos help demonstrate your expertise and build brand awareness

Best Paid off-page Strategies
1. Pay-Per-Click Networks
Google Adwords
Yahoo Advertising

2. Banner Advertising

3. Sponsored Reviews

4. Sponsored Social Media Advertising

5. Social Media Advertising

6. Premium Press Releases

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