How to increase LinkedIn Engagement

People using LinkedIn as a whole:
– 259,000,000 LinkedIn users, this means 1 in every 27 people in the world is a LinkedIn user.
– 2,100,000 LinkedIn Groups and 1 LinkedIn user joins an average of 7 groups.
– Each month 184,000,000 unique visitors, which is equal to the number of tablets that are expected to be sold by the end of this year.
– Everyday 172,000 new signups, that’s like a city as big as Garden Grove signing up on LinkedIn everyday.
– Per minute, 200 conversation in LinkedIn group and 7610 searches.

Businesses – benefiting from LinkedIn
– LinkedIn has 3x higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate than Twitter and Facebook.
– 37.2% of businesses increased their branding/marketing presence.
– 37.6% of businesses have new relationships with customers.
– 44.5% have increased their face-to-face networking effectiveness.
– 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to examine potential candidates.

How to increase LinkedIn engagement
– 50% of members are more likely to purchase from companies when they engage with them on LinkedIn.
– Focus on when to post: Post in the morning. Monday through Friday.
– Focus on post frequency: Posting 20 status updates a month will help reach 60% of your unique audience monthly.
– Focus on what to post: Know what members are interested in. 60% of members are interested in industry insights and 43% of members are interested in new products and services.
– Focus on content type: Links (Including a link with your post drives 200% more engagement), Images (posting images results in a 98% higher comment rate) and Videos (Linking to Youtube videos results in a 75% higher share rate)

Top 3 Strategies for finding new customer
Advanced Search: use advanced search with the parameters for your target group.
Browse Network: Browse your immediate network to research your new customers.
Saved Searches: Use “Saved Searches” to get a weekely list of new potential customers.