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How to increase Google+ Engagement by 281%

Who uses Google+
– 500 million registered users.
– 63% are males
– 37% are females
– 48% of Fortune Global 100 Companies use Google+
– 40% of Marketers use Google+

Information about Google+ users:
– 28% of Google+ users make at least $60,000 per year.
– 1.5 million photos uploaded to Google+ every week.
– The United States (31.5%) and India (13.7%) are the top 2 countries who use Google+
– 300 Million monthly active “In-Stream” users.
– 42% of Users are single
– 45% of Users are between the age of 18-24

Google+ features that will help your business:
– Pages: Lets you share thoughts, links, photos and promotions.
– Posts: Allows you to interact with your customers and share relevant content.
– Hangouts: Allows you to video chat with customers and colleagues. Get face-to-face feedback.
– Circles: Lets you direct specific content to different types of customers.

What type of content do Google+ users prefer?
– Videos: videos receive 28.6% more +1s.
– Animated GIFs: Animated gifs receive 39% more +1s.
– Images: Images receive 9.4% more +1s.
– Quotes: Quotes receive 16% more +1s.
– Questions: Questions receive 188% more comments.

Best time to share on Google+
– Friday between 11am and 2pm
– Friday between 7pm and 10pm

What you must do to increase engagement
1. Build a relevant network of people.
2. Participate in communities.
3. Blog posts with keywords, links and images.
4. Always engage by commenting, +1ing, and sharing others posts.
5. Hangout

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