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iCrossing Launched Responsive Audience Intelligence – ResponsiveAi

iCrossing launched Responsive Audience Intelligence (ResponsiveAi), the first responsive web design offering to deliver contextually relevant content and experiences based on anonymous audience data.

iCrossing combined its unique mix of content strategy, creative services, data science and technology development with its preferred agency access to the premium audience data of Hearst Corporation’s over 200 million worldwide users, augmented by client-owned first party and other third party data to develop ResponsiveAi, which allows marketers to custom-tailor site experiences by audience segment, including specific attributes such as age, gender, income, education, and interests.

Using its proprietary technology, ResponsiveAi looks up each site visitor’s audience profile in milliseconds and matches it to the predefined characteristics of a targeted consumer segment. Then based on that individual’s audience profile, it serves contextual site copy and landing page content in real time.

“Conventional responsive web design allows marketers to optimize a site’s content and design across different devices,” said Brian Powley, global president at iCrossing. “ResponsiveAi takes it one step further by responding directly to an individual consumer, and giving marketers the power to deliver the right message at the right moment in that customer’s journey.”

Brands can use ReponsiveAi to accurately target their website content, features and functionality to different visitors based on their audience profile, creating a personalized and more effective website experience. For example, a financial services company can show tips about mortgages for first-time homebuyers to one consumer, while displaying information on retirement to another, based solely on his or her anonymous audience data.

Previously marketers had to rely on “authenticated consumers” — consumers who have established a formal relationship with a company through a registration process — to serve individualized content on their website. However, ResponsiveAi can use data to ‘implicitly’ identify and create audience profiles, including interests, intent, product preferences and history, without the need for consumers to register or log in to the site.

“ResponsiveAi is a breakthrough for responsive web design. Never before have we been able to dynamically target such highly relevant content and features at an individual level without the need for consumers to self-identify through registration,” said Shiva Vannavada, head of technology center of excellence at iCrossing. “Through our use of big data and proprietary technology, iCrossing is able to deliver audience-based offerings that fulfill the promise of one-to-one marketing.”

Recently iCrossing also announced iCrossing SearchAi, the first agency solution to drive audience-based search targeting through Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA). Through the use of Hearst audience data, SearchAi creates a more complete picture of who is searching for a given keyword — including elements such as age, gender, life stage, purchase intent, and interests — allowing advertisers to more effectively target specific audiences.

iCrossing’s audience intelligence offerings also leverage Hearst’s Core Audience trading desk, which allows brands to infuse audience insights into their premium media buys and extend their customized messages across the web.

Source: iCrossing Introduces ResponsiveAi, a Breakthrough Web Design Tool That Serves Site Content Based on Audience Profiles

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