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IBM Releases LotusLive Symphony to challenge Microsoft Office Suite

IBM plans to launch LotusLive Symphony through cloud computing platform to challenge the dominance of Microsoft’s Office Suite. This was hinted out by the IBM in its ‘Lotusphere Conference’ on Monday September 1, 2014 that, it is going to seriously launch its own cloud computing based LotusLive Symphony suite of applications to challenge the control of desktop office software suite of Microsoft Corporation through power of cloud computing services. To substantiate the move, the company invited the CEO of RIM Corporation Jim Balsillie on the display of the suite in PlayBook flat devices.

It was further elaborated at the conference that, in previous display at Baltimore, the PlayBook users were demonstrated the effective use of the Lotus suite based on the cloud computing platform. This will be more effective as the enterprise users are moving toward the cloud computing services and mobile devices such as, Smartphone, laptops and tablets, as maintained in the statement.

This is also important to note that the research company IDC recently predicted that global social market platform will grow over 1.8 billion dollars. According to the Forrester analyst, Mr. Ted Schadler, “IBM and RIM cooperation for the two companies have a strategic significance in the use of cloud computing technology to help sales, marketing, customer service and product development team aspect, IBM ahead of Cisco, Google and Microsoft.”

While talking about the business impact and support of LotusLive Symphony, the company statement said, “The use of cloud computing technology enables LotusLive Symphony to work in many kinds of office software such as, editing documents, e-mails and presentations. LotusLive Symphony support RIM BlackBerry, Apple iOS and Android operating system, and Nokia smart phones. IBM has also upgraded the Lotus Notes electricity Email, Connections file sharing and ‘Lotus Sametime’ instant messaging software in this suite.” The company further maintained that we are confident to help our customers get rid of very expensive Microsoft Office packages through this cloud computing service.

At the same time, the company also informed in the conference that it has increased security of its cloud computing based services to offer reliable and robust services; for that purpose, the company has invested a substantial amount of as much as $42 million in for the data centers in Canada only. This investment is being used for expansion and security of the customer data.

Source: IBM to Challenge Microsoft Office Suite’s Dominance through Cloud Computing Based Services

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