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IBM Introduces New Features for OpenWhisk Serverless Cloud Platform

IBM has announced new features for OpenWhisk, the event-driven and open serverless cloud computing platform built for Bluemix public cloud service.

“Since we’ve built OpenWhisk with open standards, it’s able to not only help resolve many problems associated with server management, but also gives developers the flexibility to pull in outside tools and data and run code wherever they choose.”

said Bill Karpovich, general manager for IBM Cloud, in a statement.

New features as following:

  • Instant debugging with NodeJS, Python and Swift actions are designed to help developers debug code faster, better integrate with third-party tools and support a broader range of programming languages
  • Integration with MessageHub
  • Bluemix-hosted Apache Kafka service for real-time build outs of data pipelines and streaming apps
  • Offering support for new runtimes such as Java, Node v6, Python and Swift v3
  • New and improved user interface to simplify browser-based development and testing

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