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IAB report for Q3 2022 from KELA

Updated on 2022-11-02: IAB quarterly report

In its quarterly report for Q3 2022 [PDF], threat intel firm KELA said it observed initial access brokers selling access to more than 570 corporate networks over the past quarter, with a cumulative requested price of around $4 million.

“The average price for access was around USD 2800 and the median price — USD 1350. In Q3 actors offered more expensive listings since the total number of listings remained almost the same. On average, there were around 190 access listings in each month of Q3, lightly higher than in Q2.”


A new report from intelligence firm KELA found that hackers are selling access to 576 corporate networks worldwide for a total cumulative sales price of $4 million in the third quarter of 2022. Read more: Ransomware activity report: Threat actors are selling access to hundreds of organizations, with a cumulative requested price of around $4M.



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