How to Keep Content Fresh and Interesting

One of the hardest things about blogging can arise when the blogger runs out of things to say. As words are what keep your blog going, if your mind goes blank, so will your blog page. While this is a common occurrence, it does not have to be a fatal one. There are some ways to dig yourself out of this problematic hole without losing your blog.

A great way to get fresh content is to invite guest bloggers to your blog. Invite one or as many guest bloggers as you need. Even though you may blog about the same things, everyone thinks differently and has different opinions whether the issues are the same or not. Don’t worry that you will lose your readers to the guest blog as loyal readers will always be interested in what you have to say!

If you are having problems coming up with new things to say about your chosen topic, try a contest of sorts. Come up with a topic relevant prize for the person who invites the most new visitors to the blog, or who is responsible for the most comments on a post. Use your imagination and come up with something that will make the blog exciting to visit. In fact, you can even make THAT a contest. Invite your readers to come up with a contest idea. They love to be involved.

A lot of times you just need to research your topic. While you may know many things about your chosen topic, there are always new things to find out when you look. So, when you run low on material that comes from your brain, try looking around at OTHER material. A very high percentage of the time you will find a spark of an idea in this new information and you will be off and blogging again.

Whatever path you take to find new and fresh material for your blog, remember that it’s much better to choose an alternative method of blogging rather than just not doing anything for any length of time. When your readers visit your blog too often only to find nothing new written there, chances are you will lose them. Therefore, when you run into a block, try something to keep things going until you have regained your voice.