A How-To Guide for Advertising On Pinterest

As consumers pin and repin by the hundreds of millions, many marketers are struggling to maximize their brands’ Pinterest potential. Check out this handy Pinterest advertising guide and start pinning your way to success.

Pinterest by the numbers
– Pinterest site traffic increased 5,124% from 2011 to 2012
– Pinterest produces 4x the revenue-per-click as Twitter
– Pinterest buyers spend more and make more purchases than any of the other top 5 social sites
– Pinterest generates 17% of Shopify’s social media-driven revenue
– Average order referred to Shopify: $40 from Facebook user and 80% from Pinterest users

Optimize your account
– Create a business board – Pinterest recently added a feature allowing businesses to create accounts, rather than just individual users.
– Likewise, include “Pin It” buttons on all your website’s pages.
– Include hashtags at the end of this section that relate to your brand.
– Set your logo as your Pinterest profile picture – This increase brand recognition.
– Write informative copy for your “About” section – Engaging content that is both informative and concise is a must.
– Include top keywords as well as a like to your website and other social media outlets.

Know your audience
Catering to Pinterest’s user base is key to marketing success

The age distribution of users is fairly even
25-34 – 28%
35-44 – 28%
45.55 – 25%

Highest education level achieved by Pinterest users
60% some college
19% Bachelors degree
10% High school degree
6% Less than high school
6% Graduate degree

79% of the Pinterest users are female
Moms are 61% more likely to use Pinterest than any other demographic

Income levels of Pinterest users
35% – $25,000-$49,999
34% – $50,000-$74,999
14% – $75,000-$99,999
9% – $100,000+
8% – $0-$24,999

Formulate a Content Strategy
– Successful advertising on Pinterest requires more than just pinning your products.
– Fostering a community around your brand is a sure-fire way to maximize your Pinterest presence.
– Building this brand awareness requires constant content curation
– Pin images and videos that link to content relevant to your customers.
– Your goal should be to entertain, teach and inspire your audience.

Pin It To Win It
The anatomy of a successful product pin

– Including the price on a pin generates an average of 36% more likes
– Be sure to feature sales and discounts on your landing page

– Help potential customers find your products

Link to product page
– Customers will lose interest if they have to search your catalogue to find the product you pinned

Organize It
– Create themed boards
– Group together similar images, products and other pins based on their content.
– It’s ok for pins to be featured on multiple boards.
– The overlap can help introduce your audience to other areas of your catalogue.

Grow your community
– You don’t need to follow every user who follows your brand.
– But do repin valuable and relevant content from select customers.
– This shows that community is important to your brand.

Host Contests
– Encourage your customers to repin their favorite products from your boards onto their own boards.
– Choose one winner at random and give them the product they pinned.

Customer Habits
– Check out the boards of customers who made recent purchases from you.
– Create a board of your products that caters to their interests and email them the link to it.

Finally, stay alert! Pinterest is constantly working on new features for business users.