How to modify schedule of job copied from another job


I have created a new job on my SQL Server by selecting an existing job, and selecting: Script Job as > Create To > New Query Editor Window

Then I modified the name of the job in that script and executed it. But now the original and the new job seem to be tied to the same schedule. Whenever I edit the schedule of the new job (or the old job for that matter), the schedule of the other job changes with it.

How do I disconnect these two jobs, instead of deleting the new one and creating it from scratch?


Execute the below SQL query to de-link the new job and the existing job schedule: EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_detach_schedule @job_name='', @schedule_name=''

Then use the SSMS GUI to create a new job schedule for the new job.

My preference is to name schedules as __Schedule>. Thus, I never share schedules across jobs any longer, as was done in the past is SQL Server.