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How is the Cryptocurrency Value Formed Today?

The crypto market is different from the traditional one, and here are the main differences:

  1. Crypto is not released by central banks, so does not have central control
  2. Crypto emission is laid in the algorithms that can’t be changed
  3. Nobody can increase the emission of crypto or cut it.

How is the Cryptocurrency Value Formed Today?

Crypto coin price depends on the market’s demand and supply balance, as well as on the essence and technology underlying the project, its reputation, the market cap, and the overall situation in the crypto market. For example, there may be up and downward trends that impact all crypto currency prices.

In addition external factors also affect the crypto field – the situation with the global economy, crisis, inflation – these factors also matter a lot, for they influence people’s readiness to invest.

What are the Main Indicators of Crypto?

When you look at the Coinmarketcap ranking, you can see the list of digital assets placed in the order from the largest cap coins to the lowest cap assets. Market cap is assets liquidity, meaning the total value of all coins released and in circulation.

Along with the market cap, you can see the indicator of the trade volume, showing the number of trades done with the asset during some specific period (usually 24 hours).

To increase crypto coins value, some crypto projects implement a burning mechanism that helps to cut the supply and thus increase demand.

To keep abreast of crypto currency prices, welcome to the WhiteBIT platform. It is a trading service with comprehensive information on assets, charts, indicators, etc. In addition, the platform has a standalone educational resource – the WhiteBIT blog, publishing helpful guides on trading and interesting articles, as well as the latest news and up and coming projects in the crypto industry.

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