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Hierarchy of Needs for Search Engine Optimization Campaign Development

SEO Hierarchy of Needs shows the relative place of search engine optimization (SEO) tasks in order to help businesses and marketers apply this strategy of prioritization when developing any SEO campaign. Fundamental site requirements must be secure before committing resources to higher SEO objectives located at the top of the pyramid.

SEO Hierarchy of Needs

SEO Hierarchy of Needs

Link Development

Links are an essential part of SEO success and a highly valued factor of search engine rankings. With this site’s content, structure and design in peak condition, the number of inbound links to quality content will grow, and the organization can devote resources to social community engagement.

Usability and web Design

Web site usability seeks to optimize a user’s holistic experience on a site. Through usability testing, one can optimize a user’s journey through the site. An optimized and usable site design eliminates obstacles to conversion and any competing calls to action, and offers users a preferred experience on the site.

Site Architecture and On-Page Elements

Behind the scenes, on-page elements, site architecture and server performance must be optimized for search engine consideration. Meta data indicates the subject of the page. Siloed site architecture creates theme-aligned content sections of a site. The .htaccess and robot.txt files help spiders know what to crawl and index.

Keywords and Content

Keywords and site content communicate to both people and search engines what your site is about, what they can expect to get from it, and where its expertise lies. Target relevant and trafficked keywords that relate to your site’s goals. Then develop engaging and compelling content around those keywords and goals.

Analytics and Web Intelligence

Web analytics is the backdrop for all Internet marketing efforts. Site data tracks visitor interaction and engagement. Implementing analytics from the beginning of a project provides a baseline from which to measure the effect of SEO efforts.

Source: Bruce Clay JP: The SEO Hierarchy of Needs

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