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Healthcare and Insurance News Headline Updated on 05 June 2020 – CDC, HHS, UnitedHealth Group, Anthem, Nuro, and more

The headline on 05 June 2020

Anthem is making $2.5 billion in financial assistance available to members and providers impacted by COVID-19, including premium credits.

UnitedHealth Group investing $100 million in building affordable housing.

Following concerns about a lack of demographic data for COVID-19 testing, HHS announced it will require laboratories to report the age, race, ethnicity, sex, ZIP code and type of test performed when reporting testing data to the CDC.

During testimony on Thursday, CDC Director Robert Redfield addressed the federal response to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and the issue that’s increasingly become a political flashpoint: Do face masks help?

The headline on 04 June 2020

CMS issued a slew of updates and extensions to its value-based care models to offer greater flexibility amid COVID-19.

Physicians integrating behavioral health care into their medical practices are running into major challenges, including losing money on those services, according to a new study.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers are seeking answers from HHS on when providers reliant primarily on Medicaid funding will get their cut from a $175 billion relief fund.

Humana’s Partners in Primary Care subsidiary has launched the first phase of a three-year expansion of senior-focused centers.

The headline on 03 June 2020

A new analysis shows that Blues plans largely dominate ACA markets, but that could change as larger insurers eye a return to the exchanges.

Infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci said he doesn’t believe a COVID-19 vaccine will be a “one and done.

Insurers are concerned changes to Medicare Advantage star ratings won’t reflect improvements plans have made in 2020.

CVS has already tested drones for pharmacy delivery. Now it’s looking to take self-driving cars for a test drive. CVS Pharmacy is working with autonomous vehicle startup Nuro to test prescription delivery in the Houston market.

Change Healthcare teamed up with Microsoft and Adobe to build an online tool to give patients the same experience booking healthcare procedures as shopping for a hotel room.

The headline on 02 June 2020

Experts are warning hospitals to prepare for another potential surge: pent-up demand for deferred care.

Primary care physicians experience more burnout and anxiety than other healthcare professionals, a recent study found — and that was before COVID-19 hit.

Cigna is nixing member cost-sharing for primary care, specialty care and behavioral health visits in its Medicare Advantage plans.

The headline on 01 June 2020

While much of the focus has been on “flattening the curve” when it comes to COVID-19, experts warn hospitals should be prepared for another potential surge: pent up demand for deferred care.

Medicare Advantage and Part D bids for 2021 are due today. The uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 poses a major challenge to insurers.

Evolent Health has lost a major Medicaid managed care contract In Kentucky but says it plans to appeal. Evolent Health has lost a major Medicaid managed care contract in Kentucky starting next year, potentially costing the insurer tens of millions of dollars.

Due to the high costs of COVID-19, employers are mulling alternatives to lower health benefit costs, including reference-based pricing.

With the latest data showing more than 25,000 of the nation’s COVID-19 deaths occurred among nursing home residents, CMS announced increased enforcement and penalties regarding infection control practices in those facilities.

As protests broke out across the country over police brutality, several health care groups released statements calling the ‘systemic racism’ at the heart of protester concerns a “public health” problem.

From a plasma bot to a recruitment website, Microsoft executive Peter Lee details how the tech giant is working to help mobilize people to donate their blood plasma.

The COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be a “great equalizer” for behavioral health. And that’s a trend that Teladoc medical director Gustavo Kinrys expects to see continue, Paige Minemyer reports.

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