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What’s Happening with File Sync and Share

External Collaboration

The need for organizations to share information beyond corporate walls is growing. 38% of respondents say that more than half of people in their organization need to share files with someone outside of their organization.

Developing Standards

There is an increasing need to establish corporate standards for cloud-based sharing. 35% say they have some level of sanctioned cloud-based sharing standards in place.

Operational Insight

The ability to monitor and tract information-sharing is a key priority. 60% of organizations said a lack of insight on what is being shared outside the company is a major concern.

Access control

data-sharing must be managed and controlled for both current and past employees. 49% of organizations say that controlling who can share and the risk of data loss after termination are major concerns.

Increased Education

The user community needs to be trained in sharing policies, procedures and technology. 65% of respondents say that education is a key element in preventing unauthorized sharing of content.

Data Protection

Information security is a key for repository-based and in-transit sharing. 71% of respondents indicate that security is on their minds and the use of unique encryption keys is very important.


  • Education employees about proper file-sharing procedures to ensure protection from unauthorized sharing practices.
  • Choosing a product that allows you to decide and control who can share and access the file-sharing tool.
  • Revoking network and application access when employees leave your organization.
  • Implementing file-sharing tools that interact with your current information management systems.

Source from aiim

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