Guide to Mobile App Marketing for How to Promote an App

Guide to Mobile App Marketing for How to Promote an App including steps by steps marketing plan for before and after launch of mobile apps.

Before launch
1. Choose a good name
– Unique and memorable
– Include most important keywords
– Don’t infringe any trademarks

2. Find your competitors

3. Choose the right category
– Estimated the # of downloads you will need to rank in each category;
– Calculate your strengths: the more competitive a category, the more downloads you’ll get;
– Choose the most relevant category for your app.

4. Create an amazing icon
– Make it amazing and eye-catching;
– Deliver its style and purpose.

5. Take great screen shots
– Convince users to download / buy the app
– Make them memorable, informative and exciting
– Explain what the app does

6. Write a good title, description and keywords
– Include your keywords
– Spy on your competitors
– Make it actionable

7. Build a great landing page

After launch
Push for as many downloads as you can in the first days after launch to rise to the top of the charts!

8. Sign up for analytics app such as Apsalar, Flurry and Localytics.

9. Get featured on review sites
– Open a spreadsheet and get ready to look for target sites and contact information;
– Start collecting data well ahead of your launch;
– Contact everyone once the app goes live!

10. Reach out to media!
– Prepare your press kit (pictures, press release, bio of the founders, screen shoots, logos)
– Keep collecting data!
– Target journalists / editors that cover your field.

11. Encourage users to
– Share social networks and to rate and review the app.

12. Paid promotion

13. Rise to the top of the charts
– Stay ranked organically
– Lower paid promotion
– Keep promoting your app

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