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10 Essentials Guide for Effective Product Business eCommerce Website Design

Did you know: Web pages are getting bigger in size with images making up a larger portion of the total payload. But your visitors still expect your site to load quickly! Also, your customers expect your content to be fully available and functional from not just a desktop but also from a mobile device. In fact, 3 in 5 eCommerce sales were done from a mobile device in 2017.

10 Essentials Guide for eCommerce site

In today’s competitive landscape, how do you ensure your website is secure and performant? Learn top 10 tricks and tips for your eCommerce site to perform lightning fast and deliver higher conversions.

Your online store is likely facing some pretty steep competition. Not only do your customers expect a seamless experience, but studies also show that they will shop elsewhere if your site is not fully optimized and secure. This article includes a checklist that many of the large online retailers (and some of your competitors) have implemented to provide the best experience for customers that will ensure high online conversions while retaining buyer trust and confidence.

eCommerce Essentials #1

Web pages are becoming more complex. Optimize JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS) to improve overall web performance.

47% of shoppers will stop engaging with a website if it takes too long to load.

Did you know? Cloudflare Performance Services accelerate applications, improve mobile delivery, and ensure the availability of Internet applications and APIs.

eCommerce Essentials #2

Optimize experiences for mobile. Virtualise image files that will be delivered to mobile devices.

82% of survey respondents use a smartphone to access digital content.

Cloudflare delivers improved mobile experiences that increase engagement and conversions, regardless of distance to origin servers, device types, or network health.

eCommerce Essentials #3

Leverage the latest web standards. Deploy your websites using HTTP/2 for fast delivery.

HTTP/2 adoption is growing steadily, especially as it indirectly improves SEO due to increased performance and faster load times.

Did you know? Cloudflare-supported HTTP/2 dramatically increases the speed of serving your content and is enabled with the click of a button.

eCommerce Essentials #4

Mobile networks can be challenging. Improve mobile application performance and user conversions, even in regions that are not supported by 4G or LTE networks.

26% of all mobile connections in 2016 were 4G. In fact, the majority of global connections remain just 2G, with that switching to 3G only by the end of 2018.

With 15 Tbps of network capacity, Cloudflare’s more than 140 data centers support 10% of the world’s Internet traffic.

eCommerce Essentials #5

Lower the risk of site outages. Efficiently route user requests and traffic across the least-congested available routes and regions, even during unusually high traffic spikes.

$6.59B was spent on Cyber Monday in 2017 in the United States, representing a 12% increase over the previous year.

Did you know? Cloudflare tiered caching and Argo intelligently route traffic around network congestion for improved performance.

eCommerce Essentials #6

DDoS attacks are becoming more pervasive. Stay up and running by distributing your domain presence across a massive global network.

1.2 Tbps was the largest recorded DDoS attack on record, taking down site giants Twitter, Spotify, PayPal, Netflix, Reddit, and many more.

Cloudflare’s network capacity is 15x bigger than the largest DDoS attack ever recorded.

eCommerce Essentials #7

Credit card theft and fraud can ruin your brand perception. Deploy a highly scalable web application firewall that with the flip of a switch can easily block and detect attempts to steal sensitive customer information.

445M WAF rules are triggered in a single day.

Did you know? Cloudflare sees roughly 2.9 million requests every second, and our WAF is continuously identifying and blocking potential threats.

eCommerce Essentials #8

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated, and you could be their next target. Leverage a highly resilient and secure DNS provider to safeguard your domain.

>50% of consumers say they would forego shopping at an affected retailer for at least three months after a breach, if not altogether.

Powering over 38% of managed DNS domains, Cloudflare runs one of the largest authoritative DNS networks in the world.

eCommerce Essentials #9

Bots are everywhere, and they can ruin your online reputation. Mitigate malicious bot attacks by applying rate limiting and conditional routing and filters to permit only legitimate traffic to your site.

52% of all Internet traffic comes from bots, with 30% of total traffic coming from malicious bots.

Did you know? Cloudflare’s layered security approach combines multiple security practices into one service to prevent disruptions caused by bad bots, while allowing the good bots through.

eCommerce Essentials #10

Customers are increasingly using mobile devices to purchase products from your online store. Poor cellular network connectivity can degrade your customer’s mobile experience. Measure network impact and dependencies of your mobile apps to improve performance and reliability.

33% When faced with slow performance, 33% of mobile app users stopped using the app altogether. 48% uninstalled the app. 32% looked for an alternative app.

Did you know? Cloudflare offers a free mobile SDK that allows you to measure your app performance and reliability across a variety of global locations and cellular networks.

Why Cloudflare?

Ease of Use: Cloudflare is easy to use, and can be set up in as little as five minutes.
Global Scale: Cloudflare supports up to 15 Tbps of capacity across its expansive Anycast network of 140+ data centers in 58 countries.

Integrated Security and Performance: Cloudflare’s performance and security services are fully integrated, eliminating the need to sacrifice performance for security.

Cloudflare helps keep us online, provides a faster site experience to our end users, and protects our customers’ sensitive information. – Steven Ou, CTO Touch of Modern

Source: Cloudflare

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