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Complete Guide to Create Content Landing Page

Your conversation rate is influenced by every element on the page. At Taboola, strongly believe in A/B testing everything from the size of your font to button color. Simple tweaks may significantly influence performance.


  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Place an image in the center of the page or at the top of the article and to the side, wrapped with text.

Engage first, sell second

  • You’re selling a product, and you shouldn’t hide that. However, content needs to start with engaging the user.
  • Capture your reader’s attention with a compelling message that is informative and useful.
  • Use your content to build/create trust and authority, rather than leading with the sale.


  • Make sure to break your text up into short, easily-digestible paragraphs.
  • Try to keep your article between 300 and 600 words. B2B content can be twice as long.
  • Use the final third of your article to feature your product or service. Make sure that it’s well integrated into the content.


  • Use bold sub-headers to increase the readability of your content.
  • As a rule of thumb, you should have at least 2.

Primary CTA

  • Your call to action should be specific and simple.
  • You can use bold or italicized text followed by a link to your action page.
  • You can also use a button with enticing text.

Form Submissions

  • If you only need a simple bit of info like an email address, consider placing the form directly on the page instead of a button.
  • In general, we suggest keeping form fields to a minimum.

Pop-ups and links

  • Try to avoid pop-ups.
  • Avoid linking up to pages outside of your site in the article body.
  • If you do link to an outside site, open the link in a new tab/windows.

Right Rail Guidelines

  • Remember that a lot of people have “right rail blindness”, so don’t reply on this section to drive your user to take action.
  • Use the right rail sparingly for site navigation and secondary KPIs.
  • You can also place a secondary call to action there.

Share Bars

  • If you would like to integrate share bars, further navigation, or user comments into your article, use the bottom section of the page.
  • Make sure these are placed below your call to action.

Source: The Complete Guide To Creating Content Pages That Convert

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