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“GPS Anomalies” Caused Air Traffic Controllers in Texas to Reroute Some Flights

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating what disrupted GPS and caused some flights in Texas to be rerouted. On Monday, October 17, the FAA released an alert over its Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) that “GPS reported unreliable within 40 NM of DFW.” Over the next day, the disturbance spread to Waco, and then, on the evening of Tuesday, October 18, it stopped.


  • While 5G traffic has been known to impact GPS signaling due to interference with older, legacy devices which use the same frequencies, typically that cause can be pinpointed fairly quickly. In this case no such link can be established. While GPS interference isn’t life-threatening, and planes can revert to older navigation options, it still causes delays, cancellations, etc.


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