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Google’s Project Zero found exploitable vulnerabilities

Updated on 2022-11-24

Google’s Project Zero found five exploitable vulnerabilities in the ARM Mali GPU driver used in a large number of Android devices, but despite contacting ARM and patching the flaws they remain exploitable as Android phone vendors haven’t pushed the patches downstream. Read more: Mind the Gap

Overview: Android zero-day write-up

Project Zero’s Maddie Stone has published an analysis of three Android zero-day vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-25337, CVE-2021-25369, CVE-2021-25370) that were used as part of an exploit chain in attacks against Samsung device users. All three zero-days were patched in March this year. Read more: A Very Powerful Clipboard: Analysis of a Samsung in-the-wild exploit chain

“TAG believes belonged to a commercial surveillance vendor. These exploits were likely discovered in the testing phase. The sample is from late 2020. The chain merited further analysis because it is a 3 vulnerability chain where all 3 vulnerabilities are within Samsung custom components, including a vulnerability in a Java component.”

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