Google Play Services 5.0 Rolled Out World Wide

Google announced major update to Play Services from version 4.4 to 5.0 is now rolled out to devices world-wide.

Google Play Services 5.0 update introduces new set of APIs that improve the ability to have apps interact with Android wearables by offering low-latancy, persistent data store that allows developers to easily sync information between phone apps and wearable devices. Google Play Services 5.0 update also include new API that allows apps to easily install dynamic security provider for Google to deploy security fixes to apps and devices easily.

Quests and Saved Games Introduced
Play Services 5.0 introduces updates to Android gaming abilities. Quests are a new set of APIs that allow developers to implement time-based goals for players and reward them with new content if meet they goals. Saved games is another new feature that allows developers to store player’s game progress in the cloud and access it from other devices.

Google Cast SDK Enhancement
Google Cast SDK enhanced by adding ability to include closed caption support for Chromecast casting. Drive API was updated with the ability to sort query results, create folders offline, and select any mime type in file picker by default.

Save to Wallet
Google Play Services 5.0 introduces “Save to Wallet” button that allows users to save an offer into Google Wallet app and view it later.

You can read more about Google Play Services 5.0 on Google’s official Android developer blog.