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Next Google Glass Will Be Powered by Intel Processor

Intel will replace processor from Texas Instruments to supply the electronic brains for new version of Google’s Glass device expected next year, people familiar with the matter said, part of a push by the Intel into wearable technology.

Intel plans to promote Glass to companies such as hospital networks and manufacturers, while developing new workplace uses for the device, according to one of the people. Representatives of Google, Intel and Texas Instruments declined to comment.

Earlier this month, Intel disclosed details of MICA it developed with the fashion label Opening Ceremony, which uses an Intel processor based on ARM rather than x86 technology. It isn’t clear what Intel chip Google will use in new version of Glass. But there will be an emphasis on power conservation.

“For wearables like Glass, the processor has to be lower power because the batteries have to be so small,”

said Al Cowsky, an analyst at TechInsights’

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