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Google Cloud Updates on December 22, 2021

Anthos on bare metal

Release 1.9.3: Anthos clusters on bare metal 1.9.3 is now available for download. To upgrade, see Upgrading Anthos on bare metal. Anthos clusters on bare metal 1.9.3 runs on Kubernetes 1.21.


  • Fixed an issue in which cluster creation fails if a cluster has more than one control plane node, and the HTTPS_PROXY environment variable has been defined on one or more of the control plane nodes.
  • Upgraded Kubernetes version from 1.21.4 to 1.21.5 to address an error in which pods become stuck in the ContainerCreating state because libcontainer mistakenly throws a “unit already exists” error.
  • The following container image security vulnerability has been fixed: CVE-2020-21913

Known issues: For information about the latest known issues, see Anthos on bare metal known issues in the Troubleshooting section.

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