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Google Cloud Updates on December 13, 2021

Cloud Bigtable

Changed: A Cloud Bigtable instance can now have clusters in up to 8 regions. This lets you create an instance with as many clusters as there are zones in your chosen Bigtable regions. Previously, an instance was limited to 4 clusters.

Cloud SQL for SQL Server

Feature: A new feature enables more flexibility for integrating Cloud SQL for SQL Server with Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory. You can integrate your SQL Server instance with a managed AD domain located in a different project.

Cloud Tasks

Changed: You can now create Cloud Tasks queues in multiple GCP Regions around the world. If you are using HTTP Targets, you no longer need to deploy an App Engine application.


Feature: A dedicated user interface is now available in Preview.

Security Command Center

Feature: Event Threat Detection, a built-in service of Security Command Center, launched the Persistence: New API Method rule to Preview. This rule detects anomalous API behavior by examining Cloud Audit Logs for requests to Google Cloud services that a principal has not seen before. For more information, see Event Threat Detection rules.

Storage Transfer Service

Feature: Integration with AWS Security Token Service is now generally available (GA) for Storage Transfer Service.

Security conscious customers can use Storage Transfer Service to perform transfers from AWS S3 without passing long-term AWS S3 credentials, which have to be rotated or explicitly revoked when they are no longer needed. Refer to the Amazon S3 > Federated Identity tab when setting up access to your data source.

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