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Google Cloud Updates on December 02, 2021

Google Kubernetes Engine


The following GKE versions contain an issue that might affect workloads that use GKE Sandbox:

  • 1.19.14-gke.301, 1.19.14-gke.1900, 1.19.14-gke.2300, 1.19.15-gke.500, 1.19.15-gke.1300, 1.19.15-gke.1801
  • 1.20.10-gke.301, 1.20.10-gke.1600, 1.20.10-gke.2100, 1.20.11-gke.1300, 1.20.11-gke.1801
  • 1.21.4-gke.2300, 1.21.4-gke.2302, 1.21.5-gke.1300, 1.21.5-gke.1302, 1.21.5-gke.1802
  • 1.22.2-gke.1901

What do I need to know?

Applications that use the xmm15 register and receive a signal or hit a page fault while the register is in use might have the register corrupted, leading to unpredictable application behavior. The security of the sandbox is not compromised.

What do I need to do?

Upgrade to one of the following GKE versions that fix the issue:

  • 1.19.16-gke.1500 or later
  • 1.20.12-gke.1500 or later
  • 1.21.6-gke.1500 or later
  • 1.22.3-gke.700 or later
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