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Google Cloud Updates on November 19, 2021

Anthos Service Mesh


1.11.4-asm.5 is now available for managed Anthos Service Mesh and is rolling out into the Rapid Release Channel. See Select a managed Anthos Service Mesh release channel for more information.


Managed Anthos Service Mesh now supports Certificate Authority (CA) Service. To install managed Anthos Service Mesh with CA Service, see Configure managed Anthos Service Mesh.

Managed Anthos Service Mesh now supports GKE Autopilot as a preview feature in the Rapid Channel. For more information, see Configure managed Anthos Service Mesh with asmcli x.

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL


The following extensions in Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL are generally available:

  • auto_explain. Enables you to automatically log execution plans of slow statements, for troubleshooting and more. Provides an automated way to perform the functionality of the EXPLAIN command.
  • pg_cron. A cron-based job scheduler, this extension enables cron syntax to schedule commands from a database.
  • pg_hint_plan. Enables you to improve PostgreSQL execution plans using hints, which are simple descriptions in SQL comments.
  • pg_proctab. Enables you to use pg_top with Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL, and generate reports from the operating system process table.

Cloud Storage


Public access prevention (Preview) now uses inherited in place of unspecified.

  • Name change more clearly expresses how the state of public access prevention is determined for affected buckets.

Source: Google Cloud release notes > November 19, 2021

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