Google Assistant Gets Santa Tracker, Tell Christmas Holiday Jokes and Spin Dreidel

Google Assistant can now track Santa Claus, tell Chrismas holiday jokes and spin the dreidel for you. Google has integrated Santa Tracker into artificial intelligence powered Google Assistant let user to check the Santa Claus’s location by asking “Where is Santa Claus?” or “Track Santa”. Google has also added some Christmas jokes to Google Assistant.

Android Police reported that Google Assistant only provides answer in textual format instead of the map and the location Santa like your Uber Cab. However, this functionality is limited to Google Assistant built in with Android on Google Pixel devices. Other devices can notice partial integration after they install Google Allo.

After installing Google Allo, on asking the inbuilt Google Assistant about Santa Claus, Google Assistant will give you a link to ‘Play’ Santa Tracker. On clicking ‘Play’ button, the app redirects you to the official Santa Tracker website by Google where you can play games. The redirect to the website is only limited to tracking done via Google Allo while the Pixel version of Google Assistant gives you textual information.

One important thing to note is that Santa Jokes are available for all other devices as they are for Pixel devices. “Asking ‘Tell me a Santa joke’ or ‘Santa joke’ will play a random Santa related joke with a voice-over from Santa,” the report said.

The integration of Santa Tracker with Google Assistant as reported by Android Police varies on the device that one currently has access to and these variations range from Pixel phone, Google Allo smart messaging app and Google Home. Also, Google Assistant can spin the Dreidel if asked to do so and it might tell you, for instance, “It’s hay. You win half the coins.”

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