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How Global Users Interact with Social Media

This article depicts how users in different countries around the world interact with social media.

– 26% of daily media consumption by Australians take place on mobile devices.

– 46% of Canadians with mobile phones use smart phones, close to the U.S. at 48%.

– 35% of Irish people access social media mostly on their smartphones.

– 31% of the time French users spend on mobile apps are spent on social networks.

– One key area of growth in Italy this year is in mobile Internet users. In 2012, one-third of all mobile users accessed Internet on their phones.

– Young men in Sweden spend the most internet time playing online games, while young women spend their time online reading for leisure or blogging.

– If you are a B2B company, consider LinkedIn for your US audience. Our study showed that 65% of B2B respondents had acquired a customer through LinkedIn. Facebook and Twitter are more effective for B2C companies, and 77% and 59% have acquired customers through the channels, respectively.

– Chinese users are 3 times more likely than Americans to make a purchasing decision based on user-generated content on social networks, such as blog posts or comments.

– 81% of Brazilians use social media to look for new products.

– 75% look for special discounts. Users see social media as a good source to learn about brand experiences.

– Norwegian marketers might want to target younger users with Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest since they are particularly popular for those under 30, and among technology innovators.

– LinkedIn tends to attract users of higher education and income.

– In Russia, you might target early adopters with Facebook, who also tend to be young, global-minded, and have money. Odnoklassniki users tend to be older, at 25-35 years old.

– In Portugal, marketers might reach users below 13 years old with Hi5, a site particularly popular with preteens.

– The UK’s high income population on Facebook is the best target, where 42% of the users make £30K-£49,999K and 22% make over £50K.

– College students and recent graduates in Spain are the target of Tuenti. The users are typically between 18 and 24. Users who use social media a lot tend to be on Facebook, while light users tend to be on YouTube.

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