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The Coalition‬‬ Release Gears of War 4 Rise of the Horde Update, Free Trial on Xbox & Windows 10

The Coalition announced Gears of War 4 will get the biggest free massive update called Rise of the Horde update on June 6 since its release. Coming Gears of War 4 update included Horde update with 15 new skills, Ironman And Inconceivable Difficulty Modes and 20 new achievements with the return of two of the most-popular maps from Avalanche from Gears of War 2 and Rust Lung from Gears of War 3, offering an extra 500G total Gamerscore to collect.

This full game trial will offer 10 hours of free play in Gears of War 4, including the entire first Act of the Campaign plus full — yes, full! — access to the Horde and Versus experiences. That means you can try out Rise of the Horde on top of all the great content that exists in Gears of War 4 today!

Coalition’s community manager Liam Ashley shared.

15 new Horde Skills coming with Rise of the Horde (3 per class) as below:


  • Flow: Take reduced damage while repairing fortifications
  • Overclock: Increase the rate which Weapon Lockers replenish ammo
  • Salvage: Enemies killed by your sentries have a chance of dropping ammo magazines


  • Thick Skin: Take reduced damage from explosions
  • Berserker: While carrying a heavy weapon you deal more damage as your health gets lower
  • Last Stand: While carrying a heavy weapon you take less damage as your health gets lower


  • Dodge: Take reduced damage while roadie running
  • Speed Loader: Roadie running will reload your equipped weapon automatically with Active Reload rounds
  • Cloak: Being stationary and in cover for seconds will cloak you from enemies – leaving the cover or shooting will remove the cloak. Shoot enemies from Cloak for a small damage boost.


  • Steady Hand: Take less damage and have reduced camera shake (when being attacked) while aiming or scoping
  • Magic Bullet: Critical hits with precision rifles (Longshot, Markza, EMBAR) penetrate through enemies and increase the damage of the next shot
  • Called Shot: Targets you mark take increased damage from all sources


  • Siphon: Planted grenade kills cause enemies to drop more Power
  • Resupply: Regenerates one grenade every [X] seconds (up to starting loadout number)
  • Assault Rifle Accuracy: Assault Rifles become more accurate the longer they are fired while in cover

Gears of War 4 free Game Trial will also be available from 9th – 15th June for Xbox One and Windows 10, offering 10 hours of play and the entire first act of the campaign.

During this weekend, download the Game Trial to get 10 hours of free access to Gears of War 4 – including the full Versus and Horde experiences. Don’t have time to play this weekend? Make sure to still download the Game Trial, as your 10 free hours are valid beyond the download weekend!

Source: Xbox Wire News: Face the Rise of the Horde with New Skills, Achievements, Inconceivable Difficulty and a Free Trial of Gears 4

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