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Gaming and VR News Headlines Update on March 09, 2021

Zynga announced teamed up with Girls Who Code to support International Women’s Day 2021, raise awareness and support for women in tech. Zynga calls on its global network of players, launches in-game challenges, and sets up company initiatives through Women at Zynga (WaZ). Zynga has pledged $100,000 from its Social Impact Fund to enable Girls Who Code (GWC) to support girls at all points throughout their educational journey from 3rd grade into the workforce.

MRTK 2.6 and the New MRTK Docs Experience are available now for download through the Mixed Reality Feature Tool, a new way to discover, update and add Mixed Reality packages to Unity projects.

SEGA® and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio launched Yakuza: Like a Dragon on the PlayStation 5 with new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga and ragtag crew of outsiders to Sony’s next generation. PlayStation 4 version of Yakuza: Like a Dragon can upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version for free. Purchasing options include three versions: Standard, Hero Edition, and the Legendary Hero Edition.

A new license developed by Mass Creation that will launch during the year 2021: SHING!. This game is coming soon to pre-order (Switch – PS4); Physical Version Release scheduled 2021. #Shing #Platformer #Ninja

BenStar aka Benjamin Kiefer and Dear Villagers (ScourgeBringer, The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk) announced Revita will release in Early Access on Steam for $14,99 / £11,39 / 14,99€ with a 10% off at launch and until March 9th.

The first in a series of insight trailers for Empire of Ember released. Join the wishlist on Steam.

Sophistry Kickstarter pre-launch event from March 1st,2021 until March 31st 2021, participant to win free Steam Keys.

Happy 4th Anniversary for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer Released. #NintendoSwitch #LegendofZelda #BreathoftheWild

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