Gaming and VR News Headlines Update on February 17, 2021

SEGA announced Phantasy Star Online 2 (Global) has launched on the Epic Games Store includes all content through Episode 6 Chapter 6, Phantasy Star Online 2 (Global)’s first update of 2021, featuring the popular Luster Class, including a collaboration with Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199.

Daedalic Entertainment has announced a publisher sale for Nintendo Switch lineup from 17th February until 27th February with savings of up to 90% off the SRP. Titles featured in the sale are:

  • Unrailed!
  • The Dark Eye – The Chains of Satinav *
  • The Dark Eye – Memoria *
  • Silence *
  • Chaos in Deponia
  • Deponia
  • Deponia Doomsday
  • Goodbye Deponia *
  • Edna & Harvey – The Breakout
  • Edna & Harvey – Harvey’s New Eyes
  • State of Mind
  • The Long Journey Home
  • AER *
  • Felix the Reaper
  • Shift Happens

VLG Publishing and Studio V announce that Dry Drowning will launch on Nintendo Switch on 22nd February 2021. Currently available on Steam, GOG, Utomik, and for PC now. A free demo that includes the first two hours of gameplay is also now available on PC. Review code available now.

Team17 and The Game Kitchen teamed up with 505 Games and ArtPlay to introduce new challenges and gameplay experiences to ‘Strife and Ruin’. The new mission is part of the free ‘Strife and Ruin’ update that launches on PC, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on 18th February.

Headup announced Pumpkin Jack to release on February 24 for PS4.

Headup and Elder Games are pleased to announce the official release of Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four for Steam on February 26.