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Gaming and VR News Headlines Update on December 23, 2020

3DIVISION releases Content Update #6 for Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic on Steam, including the airplanes, tourism, airport design, and implementation in a Soviet society. Keycodes delivered upon request.

Nintendo approved Glyph for release in the EU, Australia, and the Americas Nintendo Switch platform.

City of Gangsters, second of the ‘Mafia Management’ featurette series released, explained the importance of underworld connections and building trust in 1920s Prohibition USA.

Wishlist on Steam

360 / VR Among Us Christmas Holiday Party Experience

SteamTinkerLaunch (stl) v3.5 BoingBag 2. Changes:

  • Added initial Wine Support *(fixes #153)*
    • Start game with Wine instead of Proton *(optionally by simply adding the game to a “Wine” Steam category)*
    • Choose, Download, and install custom wine archives from Lutris comfortably via DropDown Selection Menu *(other good sources on request)*
    • Select Wine version *(also via DropDown Selection Menu)*
      • per game
      • as default
    • Select Lutris default wine version as
      • own default wine version
      • wine version used for every game
  • Initial Pressure Vessel support *(fixes #164)*
  • Added Makefile *(merged #168)*
  • Disable notify-send if not available *(fixes #173)*
  • Several fixes
  • AUR is already up2date.

GENKI announces Shadowcast on Kickstarter, an add-on that will allow any laptop to be used as a TV for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5, no internet connection or TV needed.

🏙 VR City Tours | #36: Olkhon Island (Lake Baikal), Russia 🇷🇺【360 Video】

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