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Gaming and VR News Headlines Update on December 09, 2020

Apple emailed to developers worldwide regarding the removal of paid games without a valid approval license number issues by China’s National Press and Publication Administration after Dec. 31. Apple has removed more than 90,000 games from the China App Store since July 2020, according to AppInChina.

Proton 5.13-3 Released by ValveSoftware:

  • Restore controller hotplugging.
  • Yakuza: Like A Dragon, Soulcalibur 6, Lords of the Fallen, and Hammerting are now playable.
  • Fix sound in Warframe and Ghostrunner.
  • Fix flickering graphics in Serious Sam 4.
  • Fix networking failures in Call of Duty: World War II.
  • Fix Age of Empires II HD crash in multiplayer lobbies.
  • Fix Paradox games launchers.
  • Update FAudio to 20.12.
  • Update DXVK to v1.7.3.

eastasiasoft released winter showcase video for December 2020 and January 2021: Drunken Fist, Sense – A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, Project Starship X, Teratopia, The Pillar: Puzzle Escape, Habroxia 2, and Crawlco Block Knockers.

SQUARE ENIX announced that Love Live! School Idol Festival ~after school ACTIVITY~ Wai-Wai!Home Meeting!! is coming digitally to the PlayStation4 in North America on March 24, 2021. You can download a Free Base Version of the game that includes new features exclusive to the PlayStation4, including Free Base Content, “View Live Show” Mode, and “Live Show Medley” Mode. New character profiles and a list of playable songs, costumes and content packs are available official site. #LoveLive #PS4

PQube and Petoons Studio announce Curse of the Sea Rats coming to PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam in 2021.

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart PC game confirmed for 2021 – Digital trading card packs are available on the Doctor Who Worlds Apart website from $4.99 RRP, includes over 200 digital trading cards based on characters, scenes and objects drawn from the entire 57-year history of Doctor Who.

VR Experience: Lipót Fürdő (Hungary) Waterslides in 360° Virtual Reality POV Onride. #LipótFürdő #Hungary #BigBlue

SteamTinkerLaunch (stl) v3.1.335 Alea – Milestone is now available, Linux wrapper tool for use with the Steam client which allows to customize and start tools and options for games quickly on the fly. Read the full detail in v3.1.335 Alea – Milestone release note

SteamTinkerLaunch (stl) v3.1.335 Alea - Milestone: An autogenerated Menu which offers all GUI related configuration options.

SteamTinkerLaunch (stl) v3.1.335 Alea - Milestone: Favorites Menu, which shows only the entries the user is interested in. It can be opened

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