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Gaming and VR News Headlines Update on October 09, 2020

Lisbon Sightseeing Bus tour (360° VR)

Experience Beautiful Cuba in 360 VR! A Guided VR Tour of Holguin – 8K 360 VR Video. In this episode, we take you to the beautiful city that is Holguin. We show you around, visit an organ builder and show you some of the most popular sports of Cuba.

Wreckfest (1080p) – RX 550 4GB – Proton 5.0-9 – Mesa 20.1.8 ACO #rx550 #wreckfest #steamplay

Fire’s Software Mod 2.1.9 has been released, added CompanyTypes for all software added, AI will now produce all modded software types, overhauled the Web Browser and updated logo.

VR Experience: Aquacolors Porec (Croatia) Waterslides in 360° Virtual Reality POV Onride

Radeon RX 550 4GB – 1080p RADV ACO Mesa 20.1.7 – Proton 5.x test in 24 games from 2017 to 2020. #rx550 #budgetpc #radeon

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