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Gaming and VR News Headlines Update on September 20, 2020

SteamTinkerLaunch (stl) v2.0.0 – Milestone. Mighty Settings Menu added and much more. Read more at GitHub > frostworx/steamtinkerlaunch > v2.0.0

  • mighty Settings Menu implemented (fixes #67)
  • added a stl-Steam gtk-css Settings Menu Theme for the Settings GUI (and indirectly for all gtk programs launched from stl, f.e. winetricks)
  • added support for Native Linux Games (fixes #66)
  • added auto-detection for available text editor (most configuration can be done from the Settings GUI, but still nice to have the option)
  • added an Editor Menu dialog as submenu for the Settings Menu
  • added GameScope support (fixes #52)
  • added a small Dependency Check function. Functions with missing optional dependencies will be disabled (for the running process, not in the config).
  • restructured the whole config implementation (old config files should still work, but creating new ones might be the better choice)
  • several fixes and cleanups

Garena has partnered with Netflix for the Free Fire x Money Heist peak event with some exciting in-game updates.

PUBG Mobile releases Season 15 Beyond Ace trailer, the first season ever to get a proper trailer showcasing a storyline in the game.