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Gaming and VR News Headlines Update on September 07, 2020

Linux vs Windows in 2020 – gaming comparison compilation

PABJE, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile developed by OneTouch Game Studio.

PUBG Mobile banned in India, according to a press release issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Government of India. No official statement issued by Tencent Games so far. Go for PUBG Lite PC as an alternative.

Government blocks 118 mobile apps which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, Defence of India, Security of State and Public Order: Govt of India

PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map: Livik, PUBG MOBILE LITE, WeChat Work & WeChat reading are among the banned mobile apps.

— ANI (@ANI) September 2, 2020

Garena has unveiled Hrithik Roshan as Free Fire’s first playable Indian character “Jai” after announcing a team-up with the superstar to introduce a new campaign called “Be The Hero”.

Google Play and iOS AppStore Removes PUBG Mobile From India, PUBG Mobile Ban
On the 2nd of September, the Government of India issued a press release 118 Chinese apps a…

Ubisoft is now giveaway free copy of Tom Clancy’s The Division through September 8. Visit Ubisoft’s giveaway page and log in with your Uplay credentials to claim your copy of Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Don’t miss your chance to get The Division for FREE! Now that’s anything but Divisive!:

— Ubisoft Uplay (@UbisoftUplay) September 1, 2020

Nintendo Game & Watch announced a recreation of the historical handheld electronic game with new version features a modern control pad and pre-loaded with Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels and a special Mario-themed version of Ball. Launch on November 13 priced at $49.99.

SteamTinkerLaunch (stl) v1.6.0 released with many new additions including Lutris & protonfixes import, mf-install integration and more. Check the release note at GitHub > frostworx/steamtinkerlaunch > v1.6.0

New Ishgard Restoration Outfits for 5.31

New Ishgard Restoration Outfits for 5.31

100 GB of SSD space is required for the next World of Warcraft expansion: Shadowlands, according to an updated minimum and recommended specifications

Sony intends to continue releasing first-party PlayStation games on the PC including Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn, according to Sony’s 2020 corporate report published.

GingerOfMods has completed work for portable Nintendo Wii built into handheld Game Boy Color with 3.5-inch, 480p IPS display and combination of DS Lite buttons, Switch joysticks built atop a GameCube controller’s circuitry.

My latest project is complete! The goal was to make a portable Wii the size of a GameBoy Color, and after 9 months of work it’s finally finished.

— GingerOfMods (@GingerOfMods) August 27, 2020

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