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Gaming and VR News Headlines Update on August 25, 2020

PUBG Mobile Pro Player Guide

  • Many players who want to become good snipers have said that when they are taking shots at a moving vehicle in the game they miss a lot. One of the reasons that none of the bullets are connecting with the car or the vehicle in the match is due to distance. Distance is a major factor when it comes to sniping in PUBG Mobile. Instead, try to fire a little ahead of the moving vehicle to hit the enemy players inside. Ideally, try to fire at the bonnet or the hood to shoot the players inside the moving vehicle.
  • This is probably one of the best tips for new players of PUBG Mobile. Whenever you encounter an opponent who has an AWM then remove your helmet and your vest before you engage with the opponent. AWM is an overpowered weapon in PUBG Mobile so no matter what helmet and vest you have you will be knocked by the opponent in a single bullet. So take your helmet and vest off before engaging with an AWM player.
  • Always use Peek and open scope. Many new players and even older casual players make the mistake of not tinkering with their settings in the game. Peeking will help you a lot in matches when you have to snipe or take battle in close range. Just go to the setting menu and turn on the peek option. Tweak and play around with your sensitivity settings in the game and practice it in the training grounds to perfection.
  • When you are in a squad match and rushing to the enemy house always remember that the other squad can hear you too. Sounds play a huge role in PUBG mobile matches. So in order to suppress your movement use the sound of gunfire or ask your teammates to start firing randomly so you can move and rush at the enemy squad like a ninja. This will also confuse the enemy team and they won’t expect your arrival.
  • Always pay attention to your kill feed when you are playing matches. Most of the players just ignore the kill feed that is available at the left side of the screen that tells about all that is happening in the game. A glance at the kill feed will tell you which gun was used to take out a player. Match the sound in the area you are camping in and you will know if the opponent player is near you. This is a great hack if used correctly.

Garena Free Fire Headshot Tips and Tricks to guarantee headshots at every tap.

  • Situp Headshot: In the match, if you encounter an opponent use this method to try and get a headshot. Sit, Open scope, stand, and fire. This method works on a bug in the Free Fire script and is not a hack. Follow the method for guaranteed headshots.
  • Prone Up Headshot: This method will work only Draganov and M1887. This is a little bit difficult to execute so practice this headshot method well. When you spot and enemy press on the prone button. Then aim at the enemy leg. Drag the fire button and tap the prone button. All this has to be done at 0.5 seconds so practicing this method is a good idea.
  • Jump Drag Headshot: To take jump drag headshots in Free Fire all you need to do is jump and drag the fire button at the same time. This is probably the easiest way to get guaranteed headshots in matches.
  • OneShot or Lucky Shot: This is a difficult way to take headshots in Free Fire. For this method to work the opponent or the enemy player needs to be standing or crouching in a still position. Spot the player and aim and drag the fire button.
  • Moving Drag Headshot: This is a simple way to get some good headshots in a close-range fight. Drag the fire button in the same direction the opponent player is moving to get good headshots.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Update Added New Multiplayer and AMPED Announced. In 10v10 game mode, players will be able to play in a team of 10 in a team deathmatch like scenario.

With AMPED, You can amp up your soldier in the game by increasing weapon swap speed, launcher reload speed and throwable speed. AMPED will only be available in the Battle Royal mode it seems. Players can get this perk by participating in the Fully Loaded event.

🏎💨 Speed it all up!

✅ Complete all the objectives from the Fully Loaded Seasonal Challenge to unlock the Amped perk!

👍 Available to earn now in #CODMobile!

— Call of Duty: Mobile (@PlayCODMobile) August 24, 2020

PUBG Mobile New Era 1.0 Update Announced, with massive overhaul update, reworked and tweaked for more realistic feel and new Erangle 2.0 map.

A New Era dawns… 🌅 #PUBGMnewera #NewEraAnnouncement

Check out all the 1.0 New Era announcements here! 👉

— PUBG MOBILE (@PUBGMOBILE) August 24, 2020

Apex Legends Mobile Is Coming. Respawn Entertainment posted a new job opening at official website’s career tab, wanted a Build and Release Manager for Apex Legends Mobile.

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