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Gaming and VR News Headline Updated on 29 May 2020 – The Unliving, Ikai, Pandora: Chains of Chaos, Hunter’s Arena: Legends, and more

The headline on 29 May 2020

Mantisco announce that Hunter’s Arena: Legends will launch into Steam Early Access on Thursday, July 15th.

Fatshark announced that the yearly event Skulls for the Skulls Throne is live.

Party Llama Games, has announced that Pandora: Chains of Chaos will be launching into Steam Early Access on July 30, priced at $4.99 / €4.99 / £4.99. Pandora: Chains of Chaos will also launch on Xbox One™ and Windows PC later this year.

Endflame release the demo of Ikai, coming to Steam in 2021.

Team17 has announced a partnership with RocketBrush Studio for The Unliving, which is currently in development for PC.

The headline on 28 May 2020

Raiser Games and Protocol Games confirm that the final episode in the Song of Horror story will launch on Steam for PC at 6pm BST/7pm CET/1pm ET/10am PT today.

Shiro Games released a free content update for Northgard: the new Map Editor. Additionally, Northgard and its DLCs released on May 19th on GOG, and is set to come to Origin today.

Team17 and Warpzone Studios have revealed the first information about Hammerting, scheduled for a Steam launch later this year.

Arknights “Code of Brawl” update loaded with new Penguin Logistics storyline content, four new operators, a battlefield facility, as well as furniture sets and outfits to bring in the summer with a smash.

PopCap Founder Jason Kapalka and Blue Wizard Digital team up with SideQuest to release RaidLand, available now on Steam for PC and Mac. RaidLand is free to play, with optional VIP Champion DLC available.

10tons announces Skeletal Avenger.

Blackfox Studios today revealed the latest update for Dreadlands with 70+ new skills, heavy weapons, updated UI, and Visuals.

Team17 has partnered with Infinigon Games to publish Epic Chef, which is currently in development for PC.

The headline on 27 May 2020

PUBG Update 7.2 is now live and available on PC, Stadia, and consoles with Ranked Mode. Update 7.2 of PUBG introduces a long awaited Ranked Mode, changes to shotguns, Jerry Cans, and other gameplay tweaks. Patch notes here.

Free League Publishing announced that the worldwide release of the official Game Master’s Guide for Symbaroum, is set to June 2, 2020. With the Game Master’s Guide, Symbaroum’s collection of core books is complete. The book is set to release next week, but it can be purchased today in the Free League webshop, alone or bundled with Adventure Pack 4, which will be officially launched later this year.

Across the Grooves will launch June, 17th for PC, Mac and Linux. Add it to your wishlist on Steam!

Headup is delighted to announce that Rigid Force Redux is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One very soon.

Team17 and One More Dream Studios have unveiled a new trailer showcasing the Ageless.

The headline on 23 May 2020

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Demo [PS VR] – VR SBS 3D Video。

The headline on 22 May 2020

Monstrum launched digitally on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4 and Xbox One.

Curve Digital and Denki announce that they’ve released a significant update for Autonauts titled Age of Enlightenment.

The headline on 21 May 2020

Triband is thrilled to release WHAT THE GOLF? on the Nintendo Switch today for $19.99 USD / €19.99 / £ 17.99 and early bird(ie)s can still get the game for 25% off during launch week.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios released the official launch trailer for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath, the new expansion available digitally first beginning 26 May.

Pixel Racers release Vetrix on Steam.

Missile Command: Recharged is coming to Windows PC via Steam and the Nintendo eShop on May 27th!

Tribetoy and Beep Games, Inc. have revealed that Bartlow’s Dread Machine, will debut on Steam Early Access this July, with a full comercial launch on Xbox One and Windows, in Fall 2020.

Curve Digital and Muse Games are announce that Embr launches on Early Access for Steam and Google Stadia for $19.99/€19.99/£17.99. Buy it on Steam Now.

Armin Ibrisagic and DoubleMoose have unveiled first details of Just Die Already. Wishlist on Steam.

Firesprite Games confirm that The Persistence launches on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC for £24.99/$29.99/€29.99, in addition to updating the PlayStation®4 VR version to support non-VR.

Team17 has announced a new partnership with Sole Survivor Games on Honey, I Joined a Cult. Wishlist on Steam now.

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