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Gaming and Security: Why Cybersecurity Is Vital

Cybersecurity is vital for everyone these days, especially with almost 60% of the world’s population now online. Companies and individuals have been swelling the cybersecurity market. Cybercrimes are plaguing nearly every kind of online interaction, and gaming is no exception.

Gaming and Security: Why Cybersecurity Is Vital

Although many online safety steps are common to every internet user, the cautious gamer has a few extra steps to take. Learn more about it here.

Choosing the Right Shield

Research from 2019, conducted by an American security firm, revealed some interesting data about gamers. Although almost 75% of them said to be worried about security in-game, 55% of them made the same crass mistake: reuse passwords across platforms. Nevertheless, an average gamer has already suffered about five cyberattacks.

Not even giants in this field are above the risk. That’s why it’s so important to always check the security system in place, wherever you decide to play. Platforms like NetBet are absolutely trustworthy, using a state-of-the-art cybersecurity system. However, gamblers aren’t the only ones at risk on the web.

Gamers also face many in-game security issues, like stolen items and other virtual goods. MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) games are fertile grounds for cybercriminals.

In this context, hackers resell the stolen items for real money to other players. Games like Counter-Strike and League of Legends, among many others, have already suffered from such attacks.

Wisdom Points

Taking care of your cybersecurity takes a bit of time and attention. Still, it doesn’t need to be a boss-slaying mission. Check below how to remain safe from the most common threats.

Be Creative

Don’t be like the 55% of gamers mentioned above. Be creative with your passwords. Don’t use obvious sequences, and above all, use different passwords for different systems. Memorising them all can be challenging, it’s true. Still, there are free apps and tools to store your passwords safely. Make use of them.

Buy from Trustworthy Sources

There’s no reason for a rightful player to try to sell an item outside of an official store. Third-party sources, especially individuals, aren’t to be trusted. There are loads of fake profiles out there. If you trade with them outside an official platform, you’re exposed to all sorts of scams.

Fair Play Pays Off

Winning is great, but not at any cost. Websites offering cheats and trading unknown files are scams more often than not. You’re exposing your machine to severe threats by downloading their content, like data theft and even financial loss.

Get the Right Tools

If you still don’t have an antivirus, you most certainly should. Not only that, but anti-spyware is also advisable. Also, I prefer browsers that indicate the security level of websites that request banking information. Above all, keep those systems updated and run them regularly.

The Bullet-Proof Gamer

Hackers are constantly trying to outplay the best security systems, but it doesn’t mean you don’t. Quite the contrary, they’re the only thing standing between you and malicious actors online. All the tips mentioned above are simple, effective, and accessible. Overlooking them, on the other hand, can have bitter consequences.

The Bullet-Proof Gamer

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