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[Free Giveaway] PCWinSoft Easy File Sharing for macOS Registration Key

PCWinSoft is now free giveaway registration key of Easy File Sharing v1.0.1.12 for macOS. Easy File Sharing offers you an innovative and secure way to share files from your computer using a personal website.

[Free Giveaway] PCWinSoft Easy File Sharing for macOS Registration Key

[Free Giveaway] PCWinSoft Easy File Sharing for macOS Registration Key

You can design a website that will host the files, images, video, audio, and documents, or get up and running quickly with a library of built-in templates that come with Easy File Sharing. PCWinSoft Easy File Sharin also allow authorized visitors to upload files regardless of size.

Detail of features and download information as below:


  • Publish a unique, personal website right from your computer
  • Design the site yourself or choose from the included templates
  • Host a local website to exchange images, documents, video and more
  • Authorize visitors to upload files to your site
  • Free giveaway registration key allows up to 10 different computers.
  • Download available for: macOS 7 to 15

Download PCWinSoft Easy File Sharing v1.0.1.12 for macOS

Name: just type anything
Key: 1B02657D6276007C0A7F0A7A
Easy File Sharing Giveaway License Registration Page

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