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FREE Amazon Web Services Webinar – What is Machine Learning and Why It Matters

The increased relying on machine learning by organizations to develop mission-critical application continues to increase at an unprecedented rate as it has become a critical enabler to automate human intensive process.

FREE Amazon Web Services Webinar - What is Machine Learning and Why It Matters

The webinar is specifically aimed to address the following:

  • What is Machine Learning?
  • How Machine Learning is changing the world around us
  • How can Machine Learning solve business problems?
  • When is it appropriate to use Machine Learning
  • What are the phases of a Machine Learning pipeline?

Join us for an overview of the concepts, terminology and processes of the exciting field of machine learning!


Apr 8, 2022 07:00 PM in Singapore

Webinar Registration

Topic: What is Machine Learning and Why It Matters
Zoom Webinar ID: 994 3355 9342
Passcode: 226799
Webinar Registration – What is Machine Learning and Why It Matters

Speaker’s Profile

Kalai Anand Ratnam (Ph.D., Ts.)
Senior Technical Trainer
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Kalai Anand Ratnam is Senior Technical Trainer &Cloud Solutions Architect with over 15 years of experience in enterprise systems design and training in several industries across the country. Obtained his Ph.D in Information Technology from University Technology Petronas & Master of Network Computing from Monash University Australia. Handles extensive technical projects and trainings with regional corporations across the Asia Pacific in relation to Architecting for the Cloud.

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