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Forecast of Google SEO Factors used in 2013

Creating search-engine friendly website that resonates with your customers involves countless factors, many of which are constantly evolving in light of regular changes in Google’s algorithms. Below are predict of SEO strategies designed to produce top positioning and conversion rates. Here are eight factors that should be implemented in your SEO campaign this year.

Quality Links
Google looks at quality and relevance of sites linked to your site when factoring your site’s ranking. Some examples of low quality links you need to stay away from are links from low quality directories, blog commenting, links from sites with too many outgoing links to irrelevant content, and unrelated forum inks.

Quality Content
Quality content has always been one of the most important factors of SEO.

Results with videos are constantly ranked higher than results featuring only text.

Responsive Mobile Site Design
Creating mobile-friendly site is important in 2013 as smartphones and tablets continue to grow as a source of traffic to your site.

Authorship status makes a difference in the search engine results pages. In Google’s words, “The identity of individual agents responsible for content can be used to influence search ratings.” AuthorRank is a major indicator of authoritative content, and is another way Google detects quality content on the web.

Social Signals
Social signals are used as ranking factors, along with using the +1 button, continue to invest in Facebook shares, comments, likes, and tweets. It has also been reported by some that content posted on Google+ has gotten indexed almost immediately.

Content Marketing
Content marketing is fundamental writing technique that has been used by trained copywriters, advertisers, and public relations specialists since the beginning of marketing campaigns. Proper content marketing strategies gain backlinks and add value for reader.

Local SEO
Incorporate local SEO into your campaign to see higher rankings. Local SEO includes local listings, map information, citations, and local reviews.

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