Flash Player 13 and the AIR 13 Runtime and SDK Released

Adobe released Flash Player 13 and the AIR 13 Runtime and SDK as one of major quarterly releases that includes new functionality, bug fixes, and security updates based on Security Bulletin (APSB14-09). AIR developers and users will notice that the AIR version jumped from 4 to 13. This was done specifically to bring AIR and Flash Player in sync with version number because this two product share common code and to help unify perception of both products under the Flash Runtime umbrella.

The new features for AIR and Flash Player are:

  • Enhanced Supplementary Character Support for TextField
  • New Stage3D Texture Wrapping Modes
  • Stage3D Anti-Aliasing for Texture Rendering
  • GamePreview with Adobe AIR
  • Improved Packaging Engine – iOS – BETA
  • Relocated Full Screen Video Warning to Top of Screen

Refer to full announcement at:
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Security Bulletin (APSB14-09)