How to Get Featured on the Homepage of SlideShare

Whenever you design a presentation, think about your audience. Why did you design the presentation and what problem does it solve? – Robert Katai,

Start by really focusing on the title and the front page image to drive interest. – Michael Brenner,

Stick to a niche topic, add value through content and use simple but eye-catching graphics. – Ayesha Ambreen,

Each slide should have just one purpose with content focused on achieving that objective. – Stephen Jeske,

Remembeer that the best stories are visual, simple, and they combine attention grabbing chaos with the comfort of control. – Steve Williamson,

I tend to use a lot of slides, with very few words per slide. Sometimes a slide may have just a single word on it. – Josh Steimie,

Find a problem you’re qualified to solve, a question you’re qualified to answer or a subject you can comfortably teach. – Joe Gelman,

Images are the most important part. Not too much information, use links and description to give more context. Try to be interactive and creative. – Julius Solaris,

Create something that doesn’t already exist in its entirely. – Eugene Cheng,

Think about a metaphor or theme to frame the story. – Pamela Pavliscak,

Using pictures are the focus of your slides (instead of words) is the best way to get your slides noticed, by both your audience, and by Slideshare. – Jen Jones, slideshare/hellojenjones

No matter what yopic you choose keep in mind that people are visual learners. Your presentations should be created in a persuasive manner. – Sandra Jovanovic,

Make your first 3 slides count. It’s important to hook your audience as fast as possible. – Ross Simmonds ,

Source from Venngage